Workshops at a Glance-2

MAFA 2017 workshops collageClasses are listed by class number, workshop title and short description, instructor, and category.

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Class # Class Image Workshop Title Photo Instructor Description Category
101 Sara Saulson student image Adventurous Weaving Saulson, Sarah photo Sarah Saulson Learn how to weave on a floor or table loom. Participants will begin by dressing their loom, gain understanding of the interaction of warp and weft on the looms, and then weave a series of samples to explore color, texture and pattern. Read more Weaving
102 Barton, Polly phoenix weaving How to Create a Pictorial Weft Ikat Polly Barton Polly Barton Learn the art of pictorial weft ikat, a technique of tying a bundle of weft threads to make a unique design. Read more Weaving
103 coifman,-Lucienne-image-Through-the-looking-glass Classic and Non-traditional Rep Weaves COIFMAN,-LUCIENNE-head-shot Lucienne Coifman Students will explore both classic and nontraditional methods of rep weaving on 2 to 8 shafts on looms dressed with different drafts, setts, fibers, and techniques. Read more Round Robbin Weaving
104 Dam,-Inge-Timeless-Tablet-Weaving-2 Timeless Tablet Weaving: Ancient Weaving Techniques Inge-Dam-headshot Inge Dam This workshop will introduce three tablet weaving techniques: Regular double-faced tablet weaving, double-faced 3/1 broken twill, and the `missed hole’ technique. Read more Weaving
105 Diamant,-Connie-Saori Creative Serendipity: Saori-style Weaving Connie Diamont Connie Diamant This workshop will expose students to the free expression of Saori-style weaving to produce one-of-a-kind cloth.Read more Weaving
106 Barbara Diefenderfer image Kaleidoscopic Color Games Barbara Diefenderfer Barbara Diefenderfer Play with color and create a kaleidoscope of blended or combined colors on a twill threading. Read more Weaving
107 Kay Faulkner East Meets West Sampler East meets West–a Sampler Kay Faulkner Kay Faulkner This workshop explores the interesting and unique techniques of ethnic textiles of Southeast Asia. Read more Weaving
108 Wendy Garrity project photo Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving Wendy Garrity Wendy Garrity This workshop will introduce the supplementary weft techniques used to create single-faced brocade used for women’s festival dresses in Bhutan. Read more Weaving
109 Hall,-Joanne-project-pic Swedish Art Weaves Joanne Hall Joanne Hall Learning to weave beautiful “Art Weaves” like those produced by weavers in southern Sweden will be the focus for this workshop. Read more Weaving
110 Linda Hartshorn Echo weave Weaving in a Parallel Universe Hartshorn,-Linda-head-shot Linda Hartshorn Participants will weave samples, study drafts and learn how to create a parallel threading. Read more Round Robbin Weaving
112 Bobbie Irwin Weaving a Transparency Irwin,-Bobbie-headshot Bobbie Irwin Workshop participants will learn a variety of inlays for different textures by creating samplers on a linen warp, including at least one original design. (No artistic talent needed.) Read more Weaving
113 Tom Knisely project image Weaving Multiple Structures on a Straight-Eight Threading Tom Knisely Tom Knisely Learn to expand possibilities of an 8-shaft straight draw twill threading by thinking through and changing the tie-up and lift combinations.

Read more

114 Denise Kovnat project picture Collapse Weave on Four Shafts Denise Kovnat Denise Bolger Kovnat This workshop focuses on weave structures, yarn choices, and finishing techniques to create fabric with dimension and personality. Read more Round Robbin Weaving
115 Lamb,-Sara-project-pic-1 Woven Treasures: Knotted Cut Pile: Not Just for Carpets! Sara Lamb Sara Lamb Long used to make beautiful Oriental carpets, knotted cut pile techniques produce most luxurious fabrics. Read more Weaving
116 Ruby Leslie colorway Project Colorway – for weavers who’d rather die than dye Ruby Leslie Ruby Leslie Participants will learn how to blend color in commercially-dyed yarns and increase their color range when dealing with a finite number of yarn color choices. Read more Weaving
117 Rosalie Neilson huck lace Color & Design in Huck Lace Towels Rosalie Neilson Rosalie Neilson This workshop will explore many of the design options available with Huck Lace. Read more Weaving
118 Robyn Spady Block Party Robyn Spady Robyn Spady Through presentation, discussion, and weaving, participants will develop a practical understanding of blocks and profile drafts–and how to use them to create new exciting drafts. Read more Weaving
119 Dianne Totten project Crimp and Create: weaving crimp cloth Diane Totten Dianne Totten Using a variation of woven shibori for both warp and weft, participants will learn to create fabric with permanently crimped designs. Read more Weaving
120 Deflected doubleweave Deflected Doubleweave
Madelyn Van der Hoogt Madelyn Van der Hoogt Explore this unique variation of doubleweave allows total contrast between two or more colorways on as few as four shafts. Read more Round Robbin Weaving
121 Melissa Weaver Dunning project samples Acadian Weaving of French Canada and Louisiana Melissa Weaver Dunning Melissa Weaver Dunning Learn to weave samples of weaving unique to early French Canada and Louisiana: couverture de mariage, a la planche, boutonne, cordonne. Read more Weaving
122 wilson-susan-image2 Polychrome Crackle: Color Kaleidoscope Susan Wilson Susan Wilson This workshop expands polychrome concepts and focuses on independent design techniques and color experimentation. Read more Weaving
123 Heathr Winslow project image Weaving with New Millennium Fibres Heather Winslow Heather Winslow Learn about new millennium fibers and how to work with them. Read more Round Robbin Weaving
124 Walt Turpening bench Weaving a Bench Walt Turpening Walter Turpening Learn hands-on techniques to weave the seat and complete either a weaver’s or spinner’s bench or a dressing bench using braided cotton cord. Read more Weaving
125 Kathe Todd Hooker porjec timage detail Incredible Possibilities of Color Kathe Todd-Hooker Kathe Todd-Hooker This workshop focuses on tapestry techniques that enable weavers to expand limited color palettes. Read more Weaving
201 Beginning Spinning Spindle and Wheel owen-martha-pic-2-smaller Martha Owen Participants will learn the basics of sheep, wool, wool processing and spinning. Read more Spinning
202 Rodgers pic The Journey Though Creative Spinning- From Prep to Ply Esther Rodgers Esther Rodgers This spinning workshop journeys from start toward creating textured and creatively spun yarns. Read more Spinning
203 Beth Smith project The Great Wool Project Beth Smith Beth Smith Luxuriate in 15 different sheep breeds and learn how to choose the best breed for a project as well as the best preparation and spinning method. Read more Spinning
204 Amy Tyler project Woolen – Worsted Continuum Amy Tyler headshop Amy Tyler Participants will make yarns that are on the far ends of the woolen-worsted continuum as well as many versions in between. Read more Spinning
205 Paula Vester Bast Fibers Without Stress Vester,-Paula-photo Paula Vester This workshop focuses on bast fibers and empowers participants to look at them in a whole new light. Read more Spinning
301 Berner,-Joan-vest-4 Wrap up in a Hand Felted Vest Joan Berner Create a unique, felted vest with dyed fibers. Read more Felting
302 Gauger,-Jean-small-image-of-butterfly-shawl Nuno Felted Butterfly Shawl/Art Tunic Jean Gaugher Jean Gauger Learn how to make a nuno butterfly art tunic or a beautifully draped skirt or shawl by making super light nuno felt. Read more Felting
401 Nancy Begnini Eco-Printing on Paper and Cloth Begnini, Nancy photo Nancy Farr Benigni Students will learn to dye with leaves and other plant materials in this introduction to contact printing with plants (eco-printing). Read more Dyeing
402 Amy King project image Color, Color Everywhere King,-Amy-picture Amy King Dye using several different methods on several different fibers to illustrate the different dye take-up –and then, spin. Read more Dyeing
403 Kathrin Weber project image Not Your Grandma’s Dye Pot! Weber,-Kathrin-head-shot Kathrin Weber Learn the basics of dyeing – dyeing safely, traditional as well as non-traditional application of dyes, and processes needed to set the dyes for color fastness. Read more Dyeing
404 Wendy Weiss Ikat Pattern Medley with Warp Ikat Wendy Weiss Wendy Weiss Create dazzling geometric patterns using warp resist dyeing with natural dye on cotton yarn. Read more Dyeing
501 Carol Cypher beadwork Beadwork Basics and Beyond cypher,-Carol-photo-of-instructor Carol Cypher Participants will try their hands at a dozen or more off-loom beading stitches. Read more Beadwork
502 Jackie Abrams Paint and Plait: Woven Bias Plaited Baskets


Jackie Abrams Jackie Abrams Learn to create baskets inspired by an old Shaker technique and how to paint weaving materials using heavy cotton paper and acrylic paint. Read more Basketry