MAFA needs Volunteers

A Kaleidoscope of Volunteer Opportunities

 As an all-volunteer organization, MAFA is dependent upon YOU and your donation of time to make our workshop weekend a success. In addition, getting involved is a great way to get to know your fellow fiber artists and to be a part of the weekend.

Volunteers are already working

Many hours of behind-the-scenes work take place in the months leading up to the MAFA Workshop weekend. Our heartfelt thanks to the MAFA Conference Steering Committee–a group of volunteers spread throughout the Mid-Atlantic who are already giving their time and energy to make our 2017 Conference a success.

Now we need YOU!

Whether you can spend an hour monitoring displays or are able to help unload equipment for vendors, instructors and students–whether you are coming for the weekend or just for the day–there’s an opportunity for everyone attending the conference to participate. Look at the list below and start thinking of how YOU can become part of the 2017 Conference and make it the best one yet!

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities. Think about what you’d like to do—and then let us know on your registration form.

Workshop Assistants – Each instructor will have a classroom aide to assist during the workshop by collecting fees, locating supplies, rearranging tables or generally helping to make the class run smoothly. This is a great way to get to know your instructor!

Registration Assistants – Meet everyone at the conference! Working in shifts, these volunteers will help to welcome participants as they sign in to the conference and to distribute registration packets and goodie bags.

Exhibit and Marketplace Monitors – Two people needed for each shift to keep an eye on displayed items and to give the vendors a chance to shop or to grab a bite to eat. Sign-up with a friend or get to know someone new. Day-trippers especially are needed to watch vendor booths during class sessions.

Meet and Greet Instructors – Welcome instructors to the conference, help them find classrooms and deliver their supplies to their class.

Workshop Building Guides – Help students find their classrooms and deliver supplies to their class. Participants really appreciate this assistance!

Instructor Transportation – Pick up instructors at local airports or deliver them to the airport after the conference. This task is especially suited to those who live near the major area airports (Harrisburg, Baltimore and Philadelphia).

Photographers – Bring your camera to take digital photos of participants in action and the beautiful works they create. Several photographers working together will be able to cover most workshops and events. And we need one person who can coordinate activities and assemble all the photos into a slide show after the conference.

Reception Assistance – Help with the Thursday evening reception, especially at the end of the evening.

And more!

Emails will be sent to all volunteers to sign up for specific tasks and times after we have received your registration. Thanks in advance to everyone for your help!

Elizabeth Ator, Volunteer Coordinator