Madelyn van der Hoogt, Keynote Speaker

Legendary weaver, magazine editor, and author Madelyn van der Hoogt will be the keynote speaker on Opening Night at the MidAtlantic Fiber Association’s Kaleidoscope of Possibilities bi-annual conference in July 2017.

Madelyn-van-der-HoogtMadelyn fell in love with weaving in Guatemala in the 1970s, where she lived for a year and learned to weave on a backstrap loom. She’s been weaving ever since. She can’t choose a favorite among the three activities she loves most: weaving, writing about weaving, and teaching others to weave. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she taught high school English in Oakland, California, for ten years and then continued teaching high school English to subsidize her back-to-the-land years in rural Missouri. There, she founded The Weavers’ School, bringing weaving students to Missouri from all over the world.

She is the author of The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers and she continues to teach classes at The Weaver’s School, now in Coupeville, Washington. After editing Weaver’s magazine for thirteen years, she became editor of Handwoven in 1999. She retired from Handwoven at the end of 2011 with plans to “weave more, write more, and teach more.” Part of Madelyn’s “write more” plans include writing for Handwoven and Weaving Today.

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