The Sample Exchange—Ideas and Inspiration in a Notebook

Guild members asked for it and MAFA leaders responded with a yes! The MidAtlantic Fiber Association’s (MAFA) 2017 conference, “A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities,” is bringing back the Sample Exchange.

Part of MAFA conferences for many years, the Sample Exchange is a chance to share handwoven fabric and ideas with others. To participate in the Exchange, each weaver shares a sample of their handwoven fabric, including the draft, tie-up and all relevant directions, with others in the Exchange.
In return, each person receives a handwoven  sample from each of the other participating weavers.

The Sample Exchange—Ideas and Inspiration in a Notebook

This is the ultimate crowdsourcing event for handweavers! Share a sample of your work and receive samples from everyone else in the Exchange.

To participate, indicate on the Registration Form your intent to participate — or send an email to no later than June 1, 2017.

How it works:

  • Plan to bring 20-25 samples about four inches square. These can be woven by adding extra length to a project or by weaving something just for the Exchange.
  • Download and complete the MAFA-2017-sample-exchange-record-form. Be generous with your comments and add as much information as possible. (If you download the entry form, you can type directly into the form.)
  • Make as many copies of your completed Sample Sheet as you have samples.
  • Sew or tie the woven sample to each of the Sample Sheets. Include a sample of the yarns used, if possible.
  • Insert each page into a sheet protector for a three ring binder.
  • Bring your handwoven sample pages to the conference where they will be collected at registration on Thursday July 21, 2017.
  • One sample from every participant will be kept for the MAFA sample book as a record of our exchange for MAFA 2017.

At the sample exchange meeting, scheduled for Friday, July 22 from 5 – 6 p.m., each person will receive a set of samples representative of all participants and the opportunity to participate in a show-and-tell.

Questions? Email Barbara Fornoff, Sample Exchange Coordinator, at

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