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When can I register?

  • Early registration: January 2, 2017 through January 31, 2017 for MAFA-affiliated guild members and associate members only. (Note, registration begins at 9:00 a.m. on January 2.)
  • Open registration: February 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017 for all registrants
  • Late registration: April 1, 2017 through June 1, 2017. A late charge of $35 applies

What does it cost?

  • Full package: workshop, room and board for Thursday night through Sunday lunch—$560
  • Commuter package: workshop only—$350
  • Non-participating attendee: room and board only—$250
  • Non-MAFA members: attending a workshop—$25 additional charge
  • Late fee: for registering after April 1—$35

How many workshops can I register for?

Unlike some conferences, the MAFA conference is a weekend devoted to one in-depth hands-on 15-hour workshop over 2 and a half days. So you just pick one workshop for the weekend. (Yes, we know it is hard to choose!)

How do I register?

All registrations will be online through a program called RegOnline. Look for the blue “REGISTER” button on the conference website. When registration opens on January 2, 2017, the button will take you right to the online form. (The REGISTER button will not be “live” until 9:00 a.m. on January 2.)

Can I mail in a registration form, like in previous years?

We prefer all registrants use online registration. However, if that is difficult, you may contact the registrar at mafa2017registrar@gmail.com for a printable registration form.

What are the payment options?

  • Payment may be made using any major credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express), as well as direct debit.
    Please note: To use a credit card or direct debit, you must have a PayPal account.

    • When you register, the payment form will link to our PayPal account to accept your payment. (We don’t get your card number.)
  • If you prefer to send a check, you must still complete the registration form online. Then mail your check to the address given in the registration form. Be advised that we must receive your check within 5 business days or your workshop selection will be released.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

The registration program will allow you to create an account in PayPal. Simply select PayPal as your payment method, then select “create an account.” You will be asked for your email address, your preferred payment information and to provide a password. Save your User ID and password so you can use PayPal at other sites.

If you don’t want to create a PayPal account, please select the “pay by check” method of payment.

When will I know what class I am in?

Immediately! That’s the big benefit of the online registration process. When you register, you will see the number of available spaces in each workshop. You will only be able to register if a workshop is not full. When you check out at the end of the registration process, the workshop you selected will be on the receipt, which you can save and/or print out.

What happens if the workshop I want is full?

You can select it to be wait-listed. However, you should still select an alternate workshop with open spaces. If a spot opens up in your waitlisted workshop, you will be notified and switched into that workshop.

Do I need to create a password to save my registration?

At the end of the registration process, you will be offered the opportunity to create a password and save your registration. By doing this, you will be able to access your registration at a later date and make changes, if necessary. If you don’t create a password, please note that you must keep your confirmation email as it will contain a link to access your registration.

Can I change the workshop I signed up for?

Yes, you can! If you saved your registration, as prompted, at the end of your registration process or have the confirmation email of your registration, you may go into your registration and change the workshop for which you are registered. You may only do this PRIOR to April 1. No workshop changes will be allowed after April 1.

What if I want to add a roommate or make a note about a dietary restriction after I have completed my registration?

If you created a password at the end of the registration process or have the confirmation email of your registration, you can go into your registration and add additional information for the registrar. Any changes regarding housing or dining must be made by June 1, 2017.

What happens if the workshop I select is cancelled?

If, by some chance, the workshop you have registered for must be cancelled due to low enrollment or an unforeseen circumstance, the Registrar will contact you to make another choice. (Any necessary cancellations of classes due to low enrollment will be made in early April.)

What if I have to cancel my registration?

Registrations may be cancelled before April 1, 2017 by contacting the Registrar via email. Note, a processing fee of $50 will be deducted from your refund. After April 1, 2017, you will forfeit the entire amount unless there are extenuating circumstances. In this case, you must provide documentation to the Registrar at mafa2017registrar@gmail.com.

My spouse/partner is coming, how do I register him/her?

When you complete your registration form and get to the payment page, you can “add a person” and register him/her at the same time.
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Where will my workshop be located?

Classroom locations will be posted on the website as soon as they are determined. Because classrooms are used by many groups at Millersville in the summer, we often do not know for sure which rooms we will have until shortly before the conference. At this time, however, we can expect that all dye classes will be in Breidenstine Hall.

Will I have to deliver my workshop equipment to my classroom by myself?

There will be volunteers on hand to assist you. (And speaking of volunteers–if you can help others with their looms, wheels and supplies, sign up to help when you register online!)

What are the class hours?

Day Hours
Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

I need to rent a loom or spinning wheel – who should I contact?

The following people have offered to rent looms and spinning wheels. Please contact them directly:

What do the “skill levels” for the workshops mean?


Novice: No experience necessary

Beginner: Able to use a wheel and is learning to spin a continuous yarn.

Intermediate: Comfortable with equipment and is learning to spin fine, medium, and heavy thread with some consistency in diameter.

Advanced: Very comfortable with equipment and able to spin a range of fibers and produce a variety of plain and fancy yarns.


Novice: No experience necessary

Beginner: Able to warp a loom and weave plainweave and twill.

Intermediate: Able to read a draft and make a drawdown; has experience in several techniques.

Advanced: Familiar with many techniques and able to recognize weave structures.

What is a “Round Robin” workshop?

Round RobbinIn a Round Robin workshop, participants move around the classroom to work on each piece of equipment during the workshop time. In a weaving Round Robin, for example, each loom is set up differently, be it number of shafts, colors, threadings, fibers, etc. Students move around the classroom to weave a sample for themselves on each of the looms, including their own. The format enables students to have as many experiences and as many samples as there are participants.

Round Robins are most successful when all participants arrive with a loom dressed as per the directions by instructor and ready for weaving.

I have a question about a class. How do I contact the instructor?

Please address your questions first to the Education Chair at mafa2017education@gmail.com since she may already have your answer. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will help you to get it.

When and how will I get the pre-workshop instructions and supply lists for my workshop?

Instructors will receive their roster of registered students in May. Instructors will contact their students and provide any instructions and information needed for their workshop prior to June 1, 2017. If you have not heard from your workshop instructor by June 1, 2017, please contact the Education Coordinator at mafa2017education@gmail.com

My workshop has a materials fee. How do I pay this fee?

Materials fees for workshops are due to the instructor on the first day of class. Please have exact change or checks made out to the instructor.

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What accommodations are available?

We will be housed in West Village Dorm, which is new this year. This dorm is close to the Dining Hall and to the Student Memorial Center, which will host the Marketplace and some other activities.

There are two types of suites available:

  • Two single rooms sharing a bathroom
  • Two double rooms, each with its own bathroom. (Each double has two twin beds.)

Can I get a single room?

You can request a single room that shares a bathroom with another attendee. These rooms will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Can I designate a roommate or suitemate?

Yes. You can put one or more names of those with whom you want to share a suite on your registration form.

Can a group/guild request to be assigned rooms near one another?

Yes. You can indicate the size of the group and the names on your registration form. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate all requests but we will make every attempt to honor your requests.

What if I find a roommate after I have already registered?

If you save your registration with a password (or have your confirmation email), you will be able to access your registration form and add roommate (or other) information later. Any changes of this kind must be made by June 1, 2017.

What do I need to bring for the dorm room?

Beds are furnished with a blanket, pillow, sheets, and pillowcase. Two towels are provided. You may wish to bring an additional blanket and/or an extra-long twin fitted sheet or a sleeping bag since the mattresses are covered in plastic, and the flat sheets provided tend to slip.

Remember to bring soap, shampoo, drinking cups, hair dryers, clothes hangers, and a plastic or paper bag to use as a wastebasket. A small bedside lamp might also be useful. All rooms are non-smoking. Remember, these are empty dorm rooms.

If you want snacks to share with your suitemates or guild-mates, you might want to bring those too. The rooms do NOT have refrigerators or microwaves, but these appliances can be found in the dorm kitchen.

I have a long drive. Can I arrive on Wednesday night? Or stay over on Sunday night?

You can arrive on Wednesday and pay an additional charge for a single night of $50. Just select this option on the registration form.  Sunday night stays are usually not an option, but there are many hotels nearby.

Where do I go when I arrive on Thursday to register for the conference and to check-in for my room?

Your first stop after parking should be the conference registration desk which will be housed just inside the entrance to the Marketplace at the end of the Student Memorial Center that faces the parking lot. Here you will receive your name badge and goodie bag. Then you can proceed to the West Village Dorm , which is alongside the same parking lot, to check into your room and receive your room key and meal card.

Is WiFi available on campus?

Yes, there is a WiFi network for the dorm and one for the main campus. You will receive instructions on how to connect to both at registration.

Is there a gym where we can work out? Or a pool?

Unfortunately, our contract with the university does not include access to the fitness center. However, the campus is conducive to walking and running.

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What is the food like?

The dining facility is a full-service, all-you-can eat dining hall. It provides two hot lines, a salad bar, pizza, burgers, sandwiches and vegetarian options. There is usually a bowl of fresh fruit at the end of the salad bar, and the University makes their own baked goods.

Why can’t I fill my thermos or water bottle in the dining hall?

Health regulations prohibit filling reusable vessels at the cafeteria beverage dispensers. However, there is a water-bottle filling station on the ground floor of the dining hall for that purpose.

Is there coffee available all day?

There is a Starbucks in the library which will be open on Friday. (The library is across the street from the SMC, kitty-corner from the Dining Hall building.) MAFA is working to make coffee available in the workshop buildings. Check back later this spring for the latest information.

I need a special diet. Can you accommodate me?

Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Please note them on your registration form.

I plan to commute. Can I eat in the dining hall on campus with my friends?

You can purchase meals individually at the following cost:

  • Breakfast…$4.75
  • Lunch……..$9.25
  • Dinner…….$13.00

It is an all-you-can-eat dining hall so unfortunately those who bring their lunch or don’t choose to purchase the meal cannot enter the dining hall.

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Events & Get-togethers

What’s Open Studio all about?

Open Studio takes place on Saturday night and is an opportunity to see what has been happening in the other classes over the weekend. You can chat with the instructors, and get lots of great ideas for workshops for your guilds. In the past, many participants have been able to visit every studio, but as the conference has grown in size, it has become necessary to plan visits more carefully, recognizing that there simply won’t be time to see every single classroom.

Help! There’s no downtime in the schedule!

There’s lots to do at the conference, so pace yourself. You may not be able to attend every gathering. That’s OK. Save some time for shopping, for sitting and chatting with old friends and new. This year we are adding a few special interest group gatherings. We wouldn’t expect anyone to attend them all!

Are there places where our guild or special interest group can meet?

There are meeting rooms on each floor of the dorms that we hope to hold open for meeting spaces. (Last year we had to use some as classrooms.) There are also other meeting areas, including the  seating areas near each main entrance to the dorm towers; the Club de’Ville in the lower level of the SMC; the SMC Atrium; and the large Galley area. And of course, there will be areas in the vendor hall for relaxing, chatting and spinning.

How will we know what’s going on when?

You will receive a copy of the latest schedule at registration. If you give us your cell phone number when you register, we will send you text messages throughout the conference about important events and/or any changes to the schedule. And look for the bulletin board in either the Marketplace or the dorms to leave messages for friends, post notices about equipment for sale, etc.

Are any activities open to the public?

Yes! The public is invited to shop and attend events in the Marketplace as well as to attend the Fashion Show and Open Studio evenings. (Activities open to the public are indicated on the conference schedule here and at http://www.mafa-conference-2017.org/mafa-2017-conference-schedule.

Guild members who can’t attend the full weekend are encouraged to come for a day-trip and, if possible, volunteer to help the vendors or to monitor the Fashion Showcase during class hours.

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Fashion Show and Fashion Showcase

What’s the difference between the Fashion Show and the Fashion Showcase?

The Fashion Showcase will be an exhibit of all garments and accessories submitted by conference attendees and will enable conference participants to study the works up close all day Friday and Saturday of the conference. Full details and a link to the submission form can be found at http://www.mafa-conference-2017.org/spotlight-on-fashion.

The Fashion Show will be a runway event on Opening Night and will feature works selected by an independent jury from all items submitted to the Fashion Showcase.

Will any of the Fashion Show garments be for sale?

Neither the Fashion Show nor the Fashion Showcase will be geared to sales. However, interested attendees are encouraged to contact the artist directly.

Will conference attendees be able to touch the pieces in the Fashion Showcase?

We know that fiber artists like to use their hands as well as their eyes when they study a piece on exhibit. To permit attendees to touch the textiles with no risk to the works, we encourage submitters to provide a sample of the material that can be displayed prominently with the submission.

What if I will be unable to pick up my garment at the scheduled time? Will someone else be allowed to pick up my garments?

Artists unable to pick up their entries must make arrangements for pickup by a designated person and provide that person’s name to the Fashion Show contact when the item is delivered to the Fashion Showcase exhibit.

Can I enter a piece that uses a commercial sewing pattern with a handwoven fabric?

Absolutely. Our reference to “commercially produced materials or patterns” is intended to mean things like commercial fabrics or published weaving projects, not to sewing patterns.

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Sample Exchange

What is a Sample Exchange?

The Sample Exchange is a chance for weavers to share their handwoven fabric, weaving experience and ideas with other weavers. To participate in the Exchange, each weaver shares a sample of their handwoven fabric, including the draft, tie-up and all relevant directions. In return, each person receives a handwoven  sample from each of the other participating weavers. Full details at http://www.mafa-conference-2017.org/mafa-brings-back-sample-exchange
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Mobility and Special Needs

I have special requirements for housing or food. Will I be able to have these needs met?

The University has been very responsive in handling special requests. Please list any special needs on your registration so we can address them in advance.

How far are the workshop classrooms from the dorms and dining hall?

Some classrooms are a fair distance from dining and dorm so if you are unable to walk more than a few blocks, you may want to consider driving your vehicle. There is ample parking across the street from the dining hall as well as near the dorm and Student Memorial Center, where the vendor hall and other activities will be located.

If you are driving between classes, dorms, and the dining hall, please consider offering rides to your instructor and classmates. They will be grateful!

Can I bring a bike?

Yes, you can bring a bike if you wish. There are many bike racks around campus.

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What volunteer opportunities are there and how do I sign up?

There are numerous ways you can participate and assist in the conference, as you can see from the list on our website. On the registration form, you will see a list of jobs from which you can choose. An electronic sign-up sheet will be sent in May 2017 to those who expressed interest in volunteering so you can select the time slots that are convenient for you.

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Emergency Contact

How can my family reach me during the conference in case of emergency?

They can call the Campus Security number at 717-872-3024. The campus police will be able to locate and/or get a message to you.
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Lost & Found

The Lost and Found box is located at the Student Information Desk in the Student Memorial Center, just off the Atrium. If you find, after you get home, that you have left something in the dorm, send an email to mafa2017coordinator@gmail.com and she will check with other university POCs to see if your item has been found.
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How do I know if my guild is a MAFA member?

Visit the main MAFA website and see if your guild is listed as a member. In addition, the registration form will provide you a list of guilds. If your guild is not on this list, it is not a member.

My guild belongs to MAFA. What are the benefits to me?

Members of a MAFA-affiliated guild pay $25 less and can register for the conference one month earlier than non-members. In addition, they may apply for fellowships.

My guild is not a member. How do we join?

Joining MAFA is simple. Just fill out the application on the MAFA website. Send any questions to our Membership Chair at memberchair@mafafiber.org

My guild is not a MAFA member guild. Can I join MAFA as an associate member to be eligible to register during early registration and get the $25 discount?

Yes, you may join MAFA as an associate member. Associate member dues are $40. The application can be found on the MAFA website.

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