502 – Paint and Plait: Bias Plaited Baskets ~ Jackie Abrams

Jackie AbramsLearn to create baskets inspired by an old Shaker technique and how to paint weaving materials using heavy cotton paper and acrylic paint.

As participants investigate the possibilities of contemporary basketry through experimentation, exploration and fun, they will plan and weave one or more footed and gracefully shaped “cathead” baskets in sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns based on a wide variety of samples.

Instructor:   Jackie Abrams

Experience level: Beginners through advanced

Materials fee: $50, covers materials to make baskets, including paper, paint and miscellaneous supplies and tools.

Equipment required:

  • Tape measure or ruler.
  • White glue (e.g. Elmer’s or Sobo).
  • Small packing tool or flathead screwdriver.
  • Two pairs of scissors – regular and embroidery sizes.
  • 20 or 30 Micro Smooth Clips (also for sale at class).
  • Water container (e.g. margarine tub).
  • Paint brushes, at least two different sizes (e.g. one small brush and one 2-3” brush. Sponge brushes okay).
  • Paint palette (e.g., white plastic picnic plates).
  • Optional: Rubber gloves, apron, hair dryer (Instructor will bring one but a few extras will help speed paint drying.)

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