112 – Weaving a Transparency ~ Bobbie Irwin

Irwin,-Bobbie-Transparency-picTransparencies have the pattern diversity of tapestry, but are easier, faster, and more economical. Using inlay techniques, pictorial patterns can be created on an open-weave background.

Workshop participants will learn a variety of inlays for different textures by creating samplers on a linen warp, including at least one original design. (No artistic talent needed.)

Participants will work only on their own loom at their own pace. Time permitting, participants may experiment with unorthodox techniques and materials, such as overshot inlay, fishing-line warp, or wool for a scarf, techniques that will be discussed in class, in addition to the traditional methods.

Instructor:    Bobbie Irwin

Experience level: Beginner through intermediate

Materials fee: None (Some yarns may be available for purchase for convenience.)

Equipment required:

  • Pre-warped 4-shaft loom with linen and a weaving width of at least 8 inches. (Instructions to be provided prior to the workshop.)
  • Yarn, stick shuttle, standard tools and repair items, small shuttles for inlays (optional)
  • Several straight pins, tapestry (blunt) needle.
  • Paper, pencil and eraser, pen or black marker, ruler, colored pencils or markers.
  • Two or more terrycloth towels narrower than the inside width of the loom.
  • Design ideas.
  • For the optional variations, threading/sley hooks and other warping tools (raddle, lease sticks may be needed).

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