110 – Weaving in a Parallel Universe (Parallel Threadings) ~ Linda Hartshorn

Hartshorn,-Linda-Waves-and-Echoes-shawl-imageRound RobbinIncredibly versatile, parallel threadings can be used to weave a variety of structures including shadow weave, four color doubleweave, echo weave twills, and turned taquete. Vibrant colorways and iridescence can be created by using two or more colors in the warp.

In this round-robin workshop, participants will weave samples, study drafts and learn how to create a parallel threading.

Instructor:    Linda Hartshorn

Experience level: Intermediate through advanced

Materials fee: $20, covers workshop notebook with handouts and all drafts

Equipment required:

  • Pre-warped 8-shaft (or more) floor or table loom. (Instructions to be provided prior to the workshop.).
  • One or two boat shuttles with bobbins.
  • Scissors, tape measure, weft yarn, and Fray Check fabric glue as well as items to mend broken warps.
  • Note-taking and drafting tools: pen, pencil, paper, and colored pencils.

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