108 – Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving ~ Wendy Garrity

Wendy Garrity project photoThis workshop will introduce sapma and thrima, the supplementary weft techniques used to create kushutara–the sumptuous single-faced brocade used for women’s festival dresses in Bhutan.

Participants will explore traditional Bhutanese motifs and begin to combine the five basic stitches to weave these motifs as well as to experiment with their own designs.

Although kushutara is traditionally woven on backstrap looms with a pickup stick and fine silk yarns, workshop participants will take advantage of adaptation to Western-style shaft looms and use more substantial yarn that can be manipulated with the fingers. They will also learn weaving techniques not documented in the few Bhutanese textiles books.

To enable students to continue their own explorations after the workshops, they will examine samples of Bhutanese kushutara cloth and learn to identify how different patterns are created.

Instructor:    Wendy Garrity

Experience level: Beginner through advanced. Confidence with weaving plain weave and operating a shaft loom are essential.

Materials fee: $35, covers Wendy Garrity’s 50-page workbook.

Equipment required:

  • Pre-warped 4-shaft loom. (Instructions to be provided prior to the workshop. The draft is simple, but the sett is close to produce warp-faced cloth. Allow extra time to wind and thread the number of ends required.)
  • One (1) stick shuttle.
  • Weft yarn.
  • Pattern yarns from stash.
  • (Warp instructions and a detailed supply list to be sent prior to the workshop.)
  • (Proficient backstrap weavers welcome, but must notify instructor to ensure appropriate accomodations.)

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